If you are into Trikes, or would like a fun style of transport

custom car fabrication  Here is a trike that is going to be totally different to other trikes in NZ.

This is a Normanby Custom Fabrications project and when the prototype is completed, tested and the usual legal requirements attended to it Colin and Dave will take orders and have trikes available as a turn key machine, or built to any stage you want.

Latest news is an order has been placed for the first trike, good one.

The Jaguar Series1 XJ6 diff, brakes and suspension is ideal and highly recommended as this is the rear end the prototype will use for its road testing and VIN certifications.

To update the chassis is  now modified to [1]  take a XJ40 diff as these units allows for lower gravity, and [2] able fit a larger range of V8 engine sizes without modifying. See the video at bottom of this page.
Clients can order a rolling chassis with XJ40 diff unit, steering, front suspension and wheels, up to any stage of completed Trike.

This trike is different to the norm as it will have car type front suspension and steering, and it is anticipated road holding will be much improved compared to a raked fork front, especially in the wet or gravel road.

Colin has done much of the work to date, the custom chassis is pretty much complete apart from finishing the suspensions and steering.

The motor and auto is an Lexus 4litre V8 injected with a 671 Supercharger, the front hub and swivels are Jaguar XJ6,  as is the diff.

The steering ratio will be trial and error to get the correct balance of handlebar movement versus steering lock.
The handlebars will be quite long so it is going be a matter of having the handlebar swing short enough so the rider can keep his grip with both hands in tight turns, but not so short that steering is excessively heavy in this situation.
The advantage that will help is the weight over the front wheel will be comparatively light.

Suspension front and rear is adjustable coil overs,  front tyre is 20 x 8 1/2 ,  rear tyres are 15 x 15 so the trike has a serious amount of rubber on the road.
It will need this as the Lexus V8 is a grunty motor in standard form,  and the supercharger will certainly make it more so.

The body style will be streamlined and will cover the whole chassis with only the motor, front suspension, steering and wheel showing.
The body will be hand formed alloy.

Here are photos of progress to date, more will be added as building progresses.

custom car fabrication  custom car fabrication








custom car fabrication

Update photos below showing the chassis, suspensions and steering completed,  certified and ready to paint.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

   Normanby Custom Fabrications


 Photos below show the completed chassis with the motor, auto, XJ6 diff and  tank fitted.

Normanby Custom Fabrications

Normanby Custom Fabrications







Photos below show the trike more complete and able to be driven for testing, and below this is a road test video.

V8 Trike

V8 Trike






V8 Trike







A project Colin finished recently was to make a Carson Top for this classic T bucket,  before it went onto Normanby Upholstery for all new auto upholstery

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